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digitalYEWFLO multivariable Vortex Flowmeters

Features: digitalYEWFLO multivariable Vortex Flowmeters

Multivariable Type: option code /MV
- Resistance temperature sensor built into vortex shedder bar
- User selectable Flow, Temp, Total and other displays
- Mass flowrate calculated using temperature readings and steam table data
- Able on its own to output mass flowrate
Saturated Steam Measurement Mechanism
<How can the density of steam be calculated from a temperature reading? >
A steam table provides data on the temperature, pressure and density of steam and is provided by a certification body such as the ASME. The saturated steam curve shows the steam saturation point for each pressure/temperature level. The digitalYEWFLO converter calculates the mass flowrate using the density figure from the steam table. With its Spectral Signal Processing system, the digitalYEWFLO is able to accurately measure fluctuations in temperature.
- With superheated steam, density is calculated as a fixed pressure value that includes the superheated temperature value.
With the totalization function, energy consumption data collected over a period of time can be stored in memory and used to devise measures for reducing energy consumption.

Specifications: digitalYEWFLO multivariable Vortex Flowmeters

  Standard Type Reduced Bore Type Multi-Variable Type
Model Model DY
Vortex Flowmeter
(Integral Type,
Remote Type)
Model DYA
Vortex Flow Converter
(Remote Type)
(Option for High
Process Temperature
Version: /HT,
Option for Cryogenic Version: /LT)
Option: /R1, /R2
1 size down: /R1
2 size down: /R2
(Option for High
Process Temperature
Version: /HT)
Option: /MV
Fluid to be Measured Liquid, Gas, Steam (Avoid Multiphase Flow and Sticky Fluids)
Nominal Size Wafer 15 to 100 mm N/A 25 to 100 mm
Flange 15 to 400 mm R1: 25 to 200 mm
(Detector: 15 to 150 mm)
R2: 40 to 200 mm
(Detector: 15 to 100 mm)
25 to 200 mm
(Special: 250 to 400 mm)
Accuracy Liquid ±0.75% of Reading
(Depends on Reynolds number)
±1.0% of Reading
(Depends on Reynolds number)
±0.75% of Reading
(Depends on Reynolds number)
±1.0% of Reading
(Depends on flow velocity)
Output Signal Dual Output (Both analog and pulse output available)
Communication: HART 5/HART 7, BRAIN, FOUNDATION fieldbus
Process Temperature -29 to 250 deg C 
-29 to 450 deg C (/HT) 
-196 to 100 deg C (/LT)
-29 to 250 deg C 
-29 to 450 deg C (/HT)
-29 to 250 deg C 
-29 to 400 deg C (/HT)
Process Pressure -0.1MPa (-1kg/cm2) to flange rating
Ambient Temperature -29 to 85 deg C (Depends on model type)
Ambient Humidity 5 to 100% RH (No Condensation)
Mounting Flange or Wafer Type
JIS 10/20/40K
ANSI 150/300/600/900
(Special: 1500)
DIN PN 10/16/25/40/
Flange Type only
JIS 10/20K
ANSI 150/300
Flange or Wafer Type
JIS 10/20/40K
ANSI 150/300/600/
DIN PN 10/16/25/40
Electrical Connection JIS G1/2 Female, ANSI 1/2NPT Female, ISO M20×1.5 Female
Explosion Protected Type TIIS Ex d, FM Ex d/Ex ia, ATEX Ex d/Ex ia,
CSA Ex d/Ex ia, IECEx Ex d, SAA Ex ia
Material Body: Stainless steel(Special: Hastelloy, Carbon steel)
Shedder Bar: Duplex stainless steel(Option: Stainless steel, Hastelloy)
Gasket: Stainless steel with Teflon coating (/HT: with Silver plating)
Converter housing, case and cover: Aluminum alloy(Option: Stainless steel)
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digitalYEWFLO multivariable Vortex Flowmeters

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