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CNG050 Coriolis Meters

Micro Motion CNG050 Compressed Natural Gas meters wasspecifically designed for the CNG fuel dispensing industry to meet thechallenges of measuring compressed natural gas for custody transfer. With over50,000 installations worldwide, the CNG050 is the preferred meters of theleading CNG dispensing equipment manufacturers.

The CNG050Coriolis Meters are compatible with the following transmitter:

  • One size fitsall – 40 to 4444 SCFM (68 to 7550 Nm3/hr)

  • 316 stainlesssteel material of construction

  • Pressure ratingto 5000 psi (345 bar)

  • Temperaturerange -40 to 257°F (-40 to 125°C)

  • Mass flowaccuracy ± 0.5% (CNG)

  • MicroMotion MVD™  DirectConnect™ Technology for digital integration directly betweensensor and dispenser head electronics



    • A single-meter solution specifically designed for use in bothlight and heavy duty vehicle dispensers

    • Reduced fill time with higher flow rate capacity

    • Variety of transmitter options provide multi-variable outputsto accommodate any dispenser design requirements

    • Compact design with no moving parts, no special mounting andno flow conditioning required

    • Fast delivery and global support



Flow accuracy

±0.5% of Batch
from 2 to 220 lb/min (54 to 6000 kg/h)

Max mass flow rate

220 lb/min (6000 kg/h)

Max standard volume flow rate

4444 SCFM

Wetted parts

316 stainless steel

Temperature rating

-40 to 257° F (-40 to 125° C)

Pressure rating

5000 psi (345 bar)

Typical line size

1/2 to 1 inch (13 to 25 mm)

Listed specifications may vary with sensor or transmitter model.


The Micro Motion CNG050 Coriolis meter is the preferred meter among the leading CNG dispensing manufacturers with over 50,000 installations worldwide. Micro Motion CNG050 Coriolis meters provide optimal flow/density measurements in these typical applications:

CNG dispensers


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CNG050 Coriolis Meters

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