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3582I Positioner

The 3582 Series pneumatic valve positioners and the Type 3582i electro-pneumatic valve positioners, are used with diaphragm-actuated, sliding-stem control valve assemblies. The pneumatic valve positioners receive a pneumatic input signal from a control device and modulate the supply pressure to the control valve actuator, providing an accurate valve stem position that is proportional to the pneumatic input signal. For use on Fisher control valves.



  • 4 to 20 mA dc constant current with 30 Vdc maximum compliance voltage, can be split range


  • Positioner Case: Low copper aluminum alloy
  • Cover: Impact-resistant plastic
  • Bellows: Phosphor bronz
  • O-Rings: All 3582 except 3582NS: Nitrile (standard) or Fluoroelastomer (high-temperature)
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3582I Positioner

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