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Rosemount ®
8800 Vortex Flowmeter

The Rosemount 8800 Series Vortex Flowmeter’s one-piece, streamlined body design maximizes uptime and accuracy. There are no impulse lines to plug up and no seals or gaskets to maintain. 8800 series’ meter design eliminates ambient vibration effects on flow measurement and provides easy, non-invasive replacement of sensor. Furthermore, HART® Protocols provide a range of features and diagnostics that include sensor health verification, flow range optimization, and device diagnostics.


Meter style:

  • Flanged (size: ½ to 12 inch)
  • Wafer (size ½ to 8 inch)
  • Reducer (size ½ to 12 inch)
  • Dual sensor (size ½ to 12 inch)

Wetted materials:

  • Hastelloy®
  • 316 Stainless Steel

Flange Type:

  • ASME Flanges

Sensor Process Temperature Range:

  • Standard:
    -40 to 450 Degs. F (-40 to 232 Degs. C)
  • Extended:
    -330 to 800 Degs. F (-200 to 427 Degs. C)


  • 4-20 mA Digital electronics (HART Protocol)
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8800 Vortex Flowmeter

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