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China Industry Automation is the world’s largest of high-quality process controls.

China Industry Automation Limited is aleading supplier of Test & Measurement instruments. We are specializing in world’sfamous brand measurement instruments like pressure transmitters, flowmeters,valve positioners and all kinds of other precise pressure gauge products. Ourmain brand covers: Emerson Rosemount, Emerson Micro Motion, Yokogawa, ABB,Siemens, E+H, Fisher, Honeywell, Azbil, etc. Our products are widely used inchemical, petroleum, paper, electricity, city gas, environmental protection,water treatment and other fields.

We believe in active versusreactive customer service. To complement our current business, which focus onthe needs of our customers, China Industry Automation Limited continues tostrive toward new levels of quality by pursuing ISO 9001 standards. Thissystematic approach to quality strengthens our competitive edge. Ourcalibration services and quality control test center are trustworthy resourcesthat help satisfy our customers needs for accuracy of measurement instruments.

We offer honest,up-front pricing for our customers. We have experienced engineers to help youchoose the right product for your application. We only sell products that webelieve are a good value for our customers.

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