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8705/8712 Flowmeter

The 8700 Series Magnetic Flowmeter System, consisting of an 8705 Magnetic Flowtube, Signal Cable and an 8712 Series Transmitter, measures flow rate of conductive liquids, and transmits a proportional electrical signal.



  • 30 ft/s (10m/s)


  • + – 0.5% of rate from 1 to 30 ft/s(0.3 to 10m/s)
  • Includes combined effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, and calibration uncertainty
  • Accuracy is + – 0.005ft/s(+ – 0.0015m/s) from low-flow cutoff to 1.0 ft/s(0.3m/s)


  • Non-Wetted: Flowtube housing-welded, AISI Type 304 SST or Type 316L SST
  • Flanges-Carbon steel, AISI Type 304 SST, or Type 316L SST
  • Wetted: Lining- Teflon(PTFE), Tefzel(ETFE), polyurethatne, neoprene, Linate
  • Electrodes – 316L SST, Hastelloy C- 276, tantalum, 90% platinum-10% iridium, titanium


  • 1/2-36 inch(15-900 mm)
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8705/8712 Flowmeter

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