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Rosemount ®
8600 Utility™ Vortex Flowmeter

Delivering on a foundation of measurement technology,Rosemount Vortex Flowmeters have a wide range of options to fit a variety ofprocess and utility applications.

The Rosemount 8600 Utility™ Vortex Flowmeter improvesreliability and reduces installed cost by minimizing potential leak points andeliminating the need for impulse lines.

  • Reduce installedcosts

  • Ease ofinstallation

  • Greaterreliability

  • Excellentrangeability


Key Specifications

Flowmeter Accuracy

± 0.75 % of rate for liquids
± 1% of rate for gas and steam




·         4-20 mA with HART

·         4-20 mA with HART and Scalable Pulse Output

Wetted Material

Stainless Steel - CF3M

Flange Options

ANSI Class 150 to 300
DIN PN 10 to PN 40

Operating Temperatures

-58°F to 482°F (-50°C to 250°C)

Line Size

Flanged - 1-in to 8-in (25 to 200 mm)


The Rosemount 8600 Utility Flowmeters are suitable forliquid, gas, and steam applications. The high performance of the Rosemount 8600Flowmeters solve your utility flow applications needs by:

  • Eliminatingclogging and reducing potential leak points associated with impulse lines

  • Using a massbalanced sensor and Adaptive Digital Signal Processing to provide vibrationimmunity


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 8600 Utility™ Vortex Flowmeter

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