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Micro Motion ®
LF-Series Extreme Low-Flow Coriolis and Density Meters

Highestprecision from a miniaturized flow meter

  • Patented opticalsensing system delivers unparalleled sensitivity and stability

  • Palm-sized formfactor is ideal for tight spaces

Scalable platformthat solves challenges in the most demanding low-flow applications

  • Three sizes areavailable, with the smallest capable of measuring flow rates down to 1 g/h

  • High-speed DSPfor accuracy under the toughest conditions


  • No moving partsto wear or replace minimizes maintenance for long term reliability

  • Ruggedconstruction for durability in the lab or in the field

Micro Motion LF-Series meters are the smallest Coriolismeters available and offer a scalable platform to meet individual flowmeasurement needs. With a footprint the size of a handheld organizer thismeters fits into any tight space for ultra-low, high precision flowmeasurement.

Features &Benefits

Advantages ofCoriolis Measurement

  • Direct inlinemeasurement of mass flow, density, concentration, and volume flow andtemperature from a single device

  • Immune to fluid,process, or environmental effects for superb measurement confidence

  • Highly robust,suitable for installation anywhere with no flow conditioning or straight piperun required

  • No movinginternal parts results in no maintenance or repair



Mass flow accuracy:

Standard +/-1.0% of rate
Optional +/-0.50% of rate

Density accuracy:

+/- 0.005 g/cm3

Wetted parts:

316/316L stainless steel
302 and 316 stainless steel (optional filter components)

Temperature rating:

32° to 149°F (0° to 65°C)

Pressure rating:

Standard 500 psi (35 bar) 
Optional 1500 psi (100 bar)







English Units

Metric Units

English Units

Metric Units


0.84 lb/hr

0.38 kg/hr

0.227 lb/hr

0.103 kg/hr


2.21 lb/hr

1.0 kg/hr

0.893 lb/hr

0.405 kg/hr


69.54 lb/hr

27.0 kg/hr

8.026 lb/hr

3.64 kg/hr

* See product data sheet for transmitter specifications and more detailed sensor specifications.


Micro Motion LF-Series Coriolis metersare the highest precision miniaturized Coriolis meter to deliver superioraccuracy measurement for extreme low flow applications.


  • Chemicalcatalyst research

  • Chemicalinjection

  • Dosing systems

  • High pressuregases

  • Liquid and gaslow flow measurement

  • Precisioncoatings

  • Metering pumpcontrol

  • Metrology

  • R&Dlaboratory

  • Vacuum thin filmcoating

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LF-Series Extreme Low-Flow Coriolis and Density Meters

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