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Prosonic M FMU40/41/42/43/44
Endress+Hauser Ultrasonic level meter-Prosonic M FMU40 FMU41 FMU42 FMU43 FMU44

Product description

Compact transmitter for non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes and coarse bulk materials


Your benefits

  • Quick and simple commissioning via menu-guided onsite operation with four-line plain text display; 7 languages selectable
  • Envelope curves on the on-site display for simple diagnosis
  • Easy remote operation, diagnosis and measuring point documentation with the supplied FieldCare operating program.
  • Suitable for explosion hazardous areas (Gas-Ex, Dust-Ex)
  • Linearisation function (up to 32 points) for conversion of the measured value into any unit of length, volume or flow rate
  • Non-contact measurement method minimizes service requirements
  • optional remote display and operation (up to 20 m (66 ft) from transmitter)
  • Integrated temperature sensor for automatic correction of the temperature dependent sound velocity

Field of application

Continuous, non-contact level measurement in fluids, pastes, sullages and coarse bulk materials

Flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs

System integration via:
HART (standard), 4 ... 20 mA

Maximum measuring range
5 m in fluids
2m in bulk materials


For other measuring ranges:

8m in fluids
3,5 m in bulk materials
10 m in fluids
5 m in bulk materials
15 m in fluids
7 m in bulk materials
20 m in fluids
10 m in bulk materials




Download Datasheet:

Prosonic M FMU40 FMU41 FMU42 FMU43 FMU44

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Prosonic M FMU40/41/42/43/44

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