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E-Body Sliding Stem Globe Control Valve

E-body & sliding stem Fisher control valves include: ED, ES, ET, EZ, EWD, EWS, EWT, HPD, HPS, HPT, YD, YS, CE, CP


Size: 1/2” – 12”

Body Material: WCB, CG8M, Cast Iron, WC9, C5, CN7M, Cw2M, M35-1

Flange Ratings: 125 – 1500 ANSI

Shut off classification: Class II – Class VI

Trim Type: Full or Restrictive – Balanced or Unbalanced

Packing Material: PTFE V-Ring, Graphite, Low Emission Environmental

Actuators: 470, 513, 585, 585C, 657, 667

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E-Body Sliding Stem Globe Control Valve

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