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7MF4433 siemens differential pressure transmitter

The SITRANS P DS III series includes digital pressure transmitters for measuring gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow and level. Even the standard devices offer comprehensive diagnostics and simulation functions with high reliability. The suitability for use in SIL2 circuits has been certified by external test institutes. With Profibus transmitters, the new PROFISAFE technology guarantees uniform safety from the control system down to the transmitter.


Accuracy ≤ 0.075 %
Long-Term Stability ≤ 0.25 % / 60 months
Measuring range 0 - 10 mbar (0 - 0,4 inchH2O) to 0 - 400 bar (0 - 5800 psi)

Key Specifications

  • Simple Configuration via Three Onboard Pushbuttons: Set Just 7 Parameters and Go! No Long Setup List
  • Reduced Maintenance: No Need for Constant Recalibration and Recertification
  • Stays Within Factory Spec Calibration for Five Years: Five-Year Stability on Upper Range Limit, with No Zero Shift
  • Internal Registers for Diagnostics Protect the Piezoelectric Cell Capsule from High or Low Temperature Exposure and Overpressure Range



  • Extensive diagnostics and simulation functions
  • Suitable for installation in SIL 2 applications in accordance with IEC 61508 /IEC 61511. In the PROFIsafe version, it guaranteess maximum communication safety up to the control system level
  • Wide range of certification and approval e.g. ATEX EEx ia, EEx ib, Dust protection, FM, CS
  • Option of using a simulation function for loop check functions
  • Opens up a host of different bus communication options for you: HART, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIsafe or FF


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7MF4433 siemens differential pressure transmitter

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